The essential principles that will stop you putting off your goals…

It’s a brand new year and you want to achieve those goals that have been floating around your mind for some time. This is the year! This time you’ll do it!

As the days roll on, you find yourself making excuses – giving yourself reasons that make it ok to delay, side step and distract yourself from taking action toward your goal. ONCE AGAIN!

So, why do some people move forward and achieve the results they want, while others constantly repeat their histories? Those that move forward understand and follow essential principles for success:

1. You need to know specifically, the outcome you want (be certain the goal is something YOU want, not what others want for you). What does it look like? What does it feel like? What does it sound like? Be very clear about this – see it, feel it and hear it – and write it down!

2. Ask yourself, “for what purpose do I want this?” Create the passion behind the purpose! What are the compelling reasons that succinctly underpin why you want this for yourself? What will doing / having / being this, give you? And what will happen if you don’t achieve these outcomes? Write it down! Make it real! Create a compelling DESIRE.

3. Identify what your values are. What do you value about life? What’s important to you? Study these. and ask yourself. “what do my values NEED to be, to achieve the results I want?” Who do I need to be to get where I need to go? Be courageous!

4. Work out the steps to get there! Break it down into measurable, attainable and realistic actions. It’s important to give each step a time frame, to keep up the momentum. Achieving each time-framed step allows you to feel confident, and encourages motivation to continue and achieve the next step. Creating these successes along the way creates a feeling of continuing confidence and competence! You can do this!

5. Decide what resources you need to help you move forward and achieve the results you want. What resources do you already have? What do you need to do to access the resources you need to support you? Write them down and plan ahead!

6. Be flexible! Remember, there is more than one way to reach an outcome. Those that move forward understand the importance of flexible plans and flexible behaviour! If one way doesn’t work – don’t delay, side step, avoid and give up! Create an alternative way to keep yourself moving forward. Simply notice along the way what works and what doesn’t, and act around it!

7. Start behaving AS IF you are already there! Start walking and talking AS IF you’ve already succeeded. start believing it! DAILY! And always refer back to your specific outcome. See it in your minds eye on a daily basis, feel the achievement and hear what’s going on around you – MAKE IT REAL EVERY DAY!

Author: Brigitte Calvert