Let’s say you have a PLAN, SALES PROCESS, and an understanding of your METRICS. It’s time to start building your online business. As with your offline business, your online business needs leads, or more specifically QUALIFIED PROSPECTS.

Assuming you know in detail the profile of your ideal customer, you need processes to get as many of them as possible to your website. If you don’t know the profile of your ideal customer, you need to find out! Here are some quick thoughts:

  • Is your ideal client predominantly male or female?
  • What income do they earn?
  • Where do they reside?
  • What age are they?
  • What common problems/challenges do they have?
  • Where/how are they seeking to have their problems solved?

There are many great resources available to assist you establish your clients profile (check out IQ’s ‘Resources’ ‘ToolBox’ sections). Your objective is to have as many qualified prospects as possible visit your website.

Even though you are driving qualified prospects to your website, only a small proportion will be ready to purchase at any specific point in time. This is not an attribute of the online medium, but rather the psychology of people.

The same situation exists in your offline business. For now, your sole objective is to generate qualified traffic. There are two pre-eminent ways to get qualified traffic to your website. They are somewhat obvious, but all too often overlooked! They are:


We’ll focus predominantly on GO TO WHERE THEY ARE. Possibly the #1 challenge faced by Internet business owners is the lack of (qualified) traffic. Obviously, if your web site isn’t getting any traffic, you’re not generating sales. But worse – without traffic, you can’t test the key components of your sales process…

And if you roll out a large traffic campaign BEFORE you’ve tested your website to make sure it converts maximum visitors into buyers, you risk losing sales and looking unprofessional to potential customers, business partners and affiliates.

So you’re caught in a vicious cycle – before ramping up a big traffic campaign, you need to test your sales process, but without any traffic, testing is difficult, if not impossible!

To tackle this problem, we’ve discussed eight traffic generating strategies to assist your online business. Click on the links below to find out great information that can (immensely) assist your business development:

  1. Get the Traffic You Need to Test Your Website, Fast!  
  2. Get Cheap Traffic Quickly with PPC Advertising!
  3. Get FREE Traffic from Search Engines Like Google
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  7. Get Free “Word-of-Mouth” Publicity Using Viral Marketing
  8. Use e-Mail Marketing to Attract Repeat Visitors

Source: http://www.coachingclub.com.au/