This is Part 8 of the special series “Discover the Work You Were Born to Do“, by author Nick Williams.

By the end of this article, you will have explored:

  • The five pillars that support your entrepreneurial spirit.

You may well have been inspired by what you’ve read so far, but one of the most important factors in determining if you’ll succeed is whether you have the support of others for your business ideas.

One of the most misleading myths is that going it alone requires us to do it alone, so it shows great strength to be able to ask others for support!

Trying to create your own business without the support of a wider community will make the whole process much, much harder and less fun for you. Isolation can kill entrepreneurial dreams. So acknowledge your need for support and actively seek it out.

Join or create networks, form alliances and partnerships… In my experience, Inspired Entrepreneurs often have generous hearts – having overcome their own obstacles and resistance to achieve their success – and many are willing to reach out a hand to help others along. Make the most of that generosity by asking other entrepreneurs for their help and support.

The five greatest elements of support are:

  1. Support for your inspiration: Keeping our souls aloft will give us the motivation and momentum we need to move forward. Inspiration also lights a fire in the heart, giving us the courage we’ll sometimes need to overcome our fears. It can motivate us to take action in the face of our resistance.
  2. Support for your sense of possibility: When we are acting as pioneers in our own lives, doing new things and moving in new directions, we need hope. This often comes from particular reference points, such as the people who have already pioneered the way along their own paths. When we look to them, we can see that they achieved their goals – and that we could follow in their footsteps. With their example, we can start to believe we can really change our own lives.
  3. Support for your learning, skilfulness, strategies and ‘know how’: Merely being inspired is not enough – we need to channel our enthusiasm and master the practical tools and strategies we need to succeed. We must learn new things – boldly act on new information – and keep learning as we go. As we follow this path we’ll gradually become more competent and more able to contribute fully in the lives of others – and our personal success will naturally follow.
  4. Support for a sense of community and belonging: We need to be around like-minded individuals to keep our sense of passion, inspiration and belief alive. A connection with a wider sense of community also offers the potential to forge friendships, to face challenges in company, to receive affirmations from others, and to create new learning opportunities. Isolation is the greatest dream-killer! If we are left on our own for too long, our resistance may grow and defeat us; we may become disheartened and feel like giving up. You’ll always evolve more quickly when we are plugged into a community of like-minded souls.
  5. Supportive reminders, repetition and reinforcement: we very rarely hear something once and ‘get it’; some of our conditioning will go so deep that we will need to hear things repeatedly so that we can gradually integrate them on ever deeper levels of our psyche. Regular supportive repetition of new ideas can be crucial for dislodging our old ways of thinking and helping us to install new ones.

As human beings we have a tendency to forget much of what we learn, so we all need regular reminders of the new ideas that come our way.

About the Author

Through his books, and live talks, workshops, personal coaching and on-line learning programmes, Nick Williams has inspired tens of thousands of people to discover the work they were born to do.