This is Part 9 of the special series “Discover the Work You Were Born to Do“, by author Nick Williams.

By the end of this article, you will have explored:

  • Your next steps on the path to becoming an inspired entrepreneur.
  • The eight stages of progression from employee to inspired entrepreneur.

Taking it from here… we are almost at the end of this series!

I hope you’ve been inspired to some new possibilities for discovering the work you were born to do – and that you’re excited about the idea of creating your own business and becoming an Inspired Entrepreneur. I hope you can also recognise the common obstacles you’re likely to encounter along the way – both within yourself – and those presented by the environment.

I’ve given you a little of the ‘how to’ information you need, but that wasn’t the primary purpose of this programme… If you are serious about moving from being an employee to becoming an inspired entrepreneur, then I have – along with my friend and colleague Niki Hignett – created a range of products and services designed to help you at each stage of your journey.

We know that the best way for you to build your confidence is to start by creating tiny successes and then use them to create momentum. Our advice is always to invest the least amount of time, effort and money into creating the minimal working version of your product or service before taking it into the real world – in other words – action not perfection!

We also know that, just as a rocket burns most of its fuel during the first few moments of flight in order to overcome inertia and the gravitational pull of the earth, so it can be for us when we launch our dreams into the real world. It takes a lot of energy to go from having an idea to manifesting that idea in the real world and earning our first income from it.

But it’s well worth the effort!

So that you can better understand the structure of the journey that’s ahead of you, we’ve described the eight stages of progression from being a 9-5 employee to your new life as a card-carrying Inspired Entrepreneur living the work you were born to do…

Stage 1: A new vision for work and its place in your life. Becoming re-inspired about the whole idea of work. Realise that work is a means via which you can contribute to the world and to spread positivity. Understand the defining the characteristics of the work you were born to do.

Stage 2: Study the nine signposts of the work you were born to do. Become clear about where your heart lies and what will inspire you. Decide the answers for yourself, or get support throughout the process.

Stage 3: Inspire yourself to the possibility of becoming an entrepreneur and being your own boss. Understand that self-employment is one of the greatest vehicles for you to live the work you were born to do.

Stage 4: Design your business and secure your first paying client whilst still employed. Overcome your resistance to promoting yourself and asking for money for your services. Have incontrovertible evidence that you CAN earn money doing work you love, quieten the critical voices of resistance and help silence the naysayers.

Stage 5: Launch your business whilst still employed, and develop your idea to the point were it’s producing a stable and consistent source of cashflow. Become an apprentice, learn your craft, and reduce your dependency on your 9-5 salary.

Stage 6: Scale your fledgling business so that it can fund a period of transition, during which you’ll triumphantly quit your 9-5 job and become a full-time Inspired Entrepreneur. Scale your business to the point were it can deliver a comfortable standard of living.

Stage 7: Grow your business into a successful operation that will enable you to live life on your terms – and create a lifestyle of joy, freedom and abundance.

Stage 8: Become an inspiration to others and help mentor them through the process of starting and growing their own businesses. You can mentor at earlier stages as well: wherever you are, even one step ahead, you can help others on the path behind you.

That brings us to then end of this series! I hope you’ve enjoyed it, and please check our website to find out how we could help you take the next steps on your journey.

About the Author

Through his books, and live talks, workshops, personal coaching and on-line learning programmes, Nick Williams has inspired tens of thousands of people to discover the work they were born to do.