By Emmanuel Tsesmelis 

If you are living a life where you are not fulfilled, where you haven’t achieved the success you desire and your life just seems to be more difficult than it should be, read on and discover the secrets I found out when I interviewed some of Australia’s most successful self-made millionaires.

For years I had noticed that the most successful people in the world have something ‘special’; they seem to have an ‘edge’. What was it that they knew, what was it that they had that seemed to lead them to create a life of wealth, success and happiness – a life so many of us dream of.

The curiosity of what they had, what they knew, got the better of me and I became driven to speak with and interview these ‘successful’ people to discover the secrets to their success.

As I interviewed the owners of Boost Juice (Janine Allis), Fernwood Women’s Health Club (Diana Williams), La Porchetta (Rocco Pantaleo), kikki.K (Kristina Karlsson) and so many others, a common theme began to appear, their secrets were revealed.

They had all gone through 5 key areas to achieve their incredible wealth, a life with passion and the life they have always dreamed of.

I think we all know that we have been put on this planet to live our dreams and to touch other people in a positive way. You know, to truly leave the world a better place, yet so many of us are living a far more desperate life than that, a life that just isn’t true for us.

Well let me tell you that these self-made millionaires discovered the secret to making their dreams a reality and that’s what I am about to share with you. These are the 5 Key steps all the self-made millionaires have followed:

Discover It - They have all discovered what they are passionate about and have gone on to find a way to use and express that passion to contribute to other people’s lives.

So, have you asked yourself what you would truly love to do, what you are passionate about? We all have a unique way we can touch the world and your way is inside you right now!

When you work with your passion, it never seems to be work. You love everything about it and you want to spread it to the rest of the world. I believe that that’s why we are here and the self-made millionaires have discovered this secret. They know what they love to do and by developing a commercial way to pass that on to others, they have all become multimillionaires.

And this is a big key; not one of them focused on what’s in it for them. Their main focus was on what they provide to others, how they contribute to their customer’s lives through their passion. So I ask you; what have you got within that you would like to share with others?

Believe It - They have truly connected and bonded with their passion and their dreams. They have fused with it, become one with it and totally believe in it. From that place, they have the courage to express to the whole world who they are and what they stand for with no shame, embarrassment or guilt but rather with total pride, commitment and drive. With this driving force they never take no for an answer and continually strive forward in making their dreams even bigger.

This is such an awesome quality they all possess. They know what they stand for and they are proud to express it to anyone and everyone. Of course this allows them to effortlessly flow in life which in turn leads to their incredible success.

Try it and see what happens. People, new people and opportunities will be drawn to you because now you finally have an image, you are someone, someone that stands for what they believe in and who they truly are.

Overcome It - I know we see these people as fearless, as totally comfortable being leaders but I can tell you after interviewing them that they are exactly like you and I. They feel fear, they have self doubt but what they don’t do is allow their fear to stop them living the life they dream of. They all have come up with ways to overcome their fears or at least a strategy to overcome the damage their fears could cause in their lives.

We all know that the only thing that stops anyone from following their dreams is FEAR. How sad, that we let this emotion control so many of our actions. If you give in to your fears you will notice that life is quite monotonous, uninspiring and without real success. Come up with your own strategy to overcome fear and use it, use it, use it.

The more practice you get overcoming your fear, the easier it becomes to take the actions you need to take to live the life you dream of!

Change It - We all have deep limiting, negative, dream destroying beliefs within us. Yes, even these self-made millionaires. But again, the difference with these people is that firstly, they have identified those thoughts, those beliefs and then have chosen to believe new empowering beliefs that serve, nurture and challenge them to achieve their dreams.

Growing up we all create limiting dream-destroying beliefs. Have a little think about where you hold yourself back and notice what you are saying to yourself at that time. I bet you it is not positive, or even the truth. So why don’t you change these dream destroying beliefs; look inside and see the truth, see your truth.

Start believing what is really within you and not the rubbish you picked up growing up. As an adult now, you can choose to believe whatever you want. Might as well create beliefs that will support you in making your dreams a reality, don’t you think?

Live It - It doesn’t matter how much you know, if you don’t put it into action your life won’t change. The results you want to show up in your life will never appear.

These self-made millionaires do not over think things. They listen to their gut, to their intuition and go, go, go. That is one of the biggest keys to their success. You will never ever get everything right but if you get it going you will always work a way through to achieving your goal.

The key in taking action is to start realising that your comfort zone is the dead zone. Nothing new happens there, no new experiences, no growth and no opportunities. If you truly want to live the life you dream of, you must keep growing your comfort zone. All the self-made millionaires get out of their comfort zone as soon as they feel comfortable. They truly see it as the ‘Dead Zone’.

So there you have it. The five Keys to living with passion and making your dreams come true. Spend some time going through these key steps to get your own answers and then take action, single small steps to creating the life you deserve, the life you dream of! The reality is, that when you live with passion you enjoy the journey so much that success is inevitable. Now, go for it!

About the Author

Emmanuel Tsesmelis is Australia’s Number 1 Passion Coach who believes that inside every single one of us live passions, natural talents and unique gifts that, if tapped into, compel us to create the life we have dreamed of.

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