“Every prospective client, whether it’s reality or not, perceives their problems to be unique to them.”

Only by establishing yourself as an expert will you build the necessary credibility to your brand and reinforce your niche positioning. If all these elements are not totally congruent, your offer will never be compelling to your prospects.

Your marketing message will seem confusing as your prospects will not understand how you can offer solutions to their niche problems – problems they may have been experiencing for some time and not been able to solve themselves – without being higher qualified or having specialised skills and experience (being an expert).

What are the benefits of establishing yourself as an expert in your niche? Being an expert or specialist in your niche affords you many benefits and competitive advantages including:

As an expert you can market with dignity! You won’t have to ‘chase’ clients. Clients will come looking for you because of your ‘specialist’ tag. Remember, clients are searching for someone who is perceived to be as knowledgeable and skilled as they are in their niche.

There are substantially fewer barriers to conversion because your prospective clients are pre-sold by perceived knowledge and specialisation.

Limiting the number of competitors you have because you are perceived as one of the few (perhaps only) coaches that can meet the clients unique needs.

Building your reputation and reinforcing your positioning as a superior (if not ‘the’ superior) coach in the niche. 

Being given the opportunity to speak, comment and or write about important issues, challenges or opportunities within the Niche. By default it gets you involved in industry events and networking opportunities.

In turn this opens the door to have your ideas and insights published and talents recognised by important industry commentators, which in turn assists in developing your image as an expert! Your reputation as an ‘expert’ will endorse your business and vice versa.

It allows you to be more selective with the clients you work with and you can deliver products and services you are most passionate about.

You can take advantage of powerful and highly leveraged marketing strategies such as publishing, public speaking, networking opportunities, JVs, referrals and endorsements.

You get a much higher return on your marketing dollar, reducing your Client Cost of Acquisition, improving your bottom line net income (and breaking even earlier as a business start-up).

You are able to build greater client loyalty which significantly increases your new client referrals, which in turn dramatically reduces your cost of client acquisition. You also get a higher conversion rate to your services. Prospective clients are far more likely to trust and appreciate the wisdom and knowledge of a coaching specialist.

The ability to solve a broader range of client problems. Once you’re an established and trusted advisor for the client you will be able to expand the range and scope of services provided. The chance to better educate clients to the value you provide and charge fees based on the cost of the niche problems rather than on an hourly rate.

You can expand your services from 1 to 1 coaching to include highly leveraged product based and 1 to many services and are able to work with more astute and strategically beneficial affiliate partners who will provide higher value to your clients and ultimately better financial return to you.

Due to your strong client rapport and expertise, your clients will have a greater propensity to take up your endorsed affiliate services. As an expert in your niche, your service becomes the only logical choice for your prospects.