Jacqueline Pidgon is an LCI graduate and coach, who often publishes articles, audios and other learning material on a range of coaching related areas. Below are two insights from Jacqueline which can be of great use in your life.

6 Easy Steps to Break Down a Mountainous Task or Goal

  1. Write down what you want to achieve – your goal
  2. Establish where you are now
  3. Write down the very first thing you need to do to start moving towards the goal
  4. Then map out a time line of small milestones – the steps on your path and ACT
  5. Review your path and goal
  6. Get the help you need to achieve this goal and go for it one step at a time!

Don’t forget to review that you are still heading on the right path for you and celebrate each and every step along the way because remember it’s the journey that is often the most fun. Then before you know it you’ll be there!

7 Steps to Help You Gain More Work/Life Balance in Your Life

  1. Group together the different areas in your life such as work, family, relationship, hobbies, health & fitness, personal time etc.
  2. Next to each area write down how much effort you apply to each on a scale of 0% – 100% and if not 100% write one point that would make this % increase.
  3. Write down the number of hours you spend each week on that area. 
  4. See if your life looks in balance to you. 
  5. If not, decide on areas that you can reduce time and give to something else and point out those that you are simply being lazy in and could provide more effort.
  6. Commit to the points that would increase your effort that you wrote down in point 2
  7. Then assess your results, if you’re applying 100% effort in all areas of your life and everything looks in balance then well done! If not, focus on applying more effort to the areas lacking in the next month and watch the results, your satisfaction and enthusiasm grow!

About the author:

JACQUELINE PIGDON is a Life, Business & Spiritual Coach and the co-founding Director of JINA LIFE (www.jinalife.com) a coaching company dedicated to helping you reduce stress, gain work/life balance, find inner fulfilment, direction and purpose!

Jacqueline has worked with many people all around the world and with the help of her expert spiritual team she informs people of EXACTLY what is CAUSING their problems, challenges and negative cycles and patterns in both their personal and professional lives and helps them SOLVE them once and for all!

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