Most marketing processes have a strong emphasis on follow up. And rightly so. Despite your best sales efforts, there is always only a portion of prospects ready and willing to buy at a particular point in time. This is the cycle of life.

Consumers go through a process whereby their desire for a product or service (actually the benefit of the product/ service) comes into their consciousness. That desire has an intensity that determines their next course of action.

If it’s mildly intense, which is the vast majority of the time; they’re driven to simply ‘learn more’. When the intensity is extremely strong and overwhelming, they buy.

The primary task of sales is to move your prospect from the ‘learn more’ intensity, to the overwhelming ‘need to have’ intensity.

But this is not always possible in a short timeframe. So you need follow up processes. Follow up is a means of gradually and continuously moving your client to ‘need to have’ intensity.

Your prospects are always at different phases of intensity. That’s why it’s crucial you maintain their momentum toward ‘need to have’ intensity.

As it is very difficult to know where on the intensity scale your prospect is, you must always give them an opportunity to buy in EVERY follow up. It doesn’t matter what form your follow up takes, it must contain a call to action and give your prospect the opportunity to buy.

We suggest the best method of follow up is educational, such as:

  • An educational eNewsletter (eZine)
  • eCourse
  • Teleconference series
  • Etc

These educational contacts continue to build rapport and trust, and establish you as a credible expert. Other follow ups to consider include:

  • Email
  • Hard copy letter
  • Phone calls
  • Special invitations
  • Reports
  • “Club” membership
  • Vouchers
  • Joint Venture promotions
  • Gifts
  • Parties/ meetings/ get togethers
  • Cards
  • Fax
  • Blogs
  • RSS subscriptions
  • Articles
  • How-To guides
  • Tip Sheets
  • Etc.

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