Getting lots of traffic to your site is great, but if you aren’t collecting the contact information (i.e. names and e-mail addresses) of visitors, you’re wasting every single click.

If visitors leave your site without buying your product*, there’s a good chance they won’t ever be back and you’ll have absolutely no way of following up with them.

*Remember – Only a very small percentage of your prospects will be READY to purchase at any particular point in time. This is identical in an online and offline business. Most businesses have a marketing system that TOTALLY NEGLECTS this fact. Read more about the cycle of life in sales

It can take up to 7 points of contact to make a single sale, so you’ll want to begin collecting visitors’ contact information from day one using an opt-in form on your home page.

Here are some ideas for e-mails you could send in case you need an excuse to follow up with your opt-in subscribers:

  • Monthly or bi-weekly newsletters with tons of tips and info.
  • Free reports on a variety of topics that your market would appreciate.
  • Answers to common questions people ask about your product.
  • Offers for products similar or complementary to ones you may have already offered them.
  • Free product trials that give potential customers a taste of what you have to offer.
  • A “downgrade” offer for a product that is less expensive or robust than your featured offer.
  • Following up with the addresses you gather is quick, easy, and simple with e-mail management and automation software.
  • You can create e-mails called “autoresponders” that potential customers receive automatically, as soon as they opt- in on your site – within seconds – no matter what time of day it is, or whether you’re even at your desk.

In addition to having regular systems to collect customer information and help you constantly communicate with prospects, you can develop referral systems to boost your subscription rate, including:

  • Directing your subscribers to a referral section right after they’ve subscribed to your resource/newsletter. This page can include an offer (e.g. free eBook or free article) to reward them for referring your link to friends.
  • Having a co-registering referral system with a partnering business. For example, if someone subscribes to your newsletter, a pop-up window will appear offering free subscription to a partner’s newsletter. The same happens from the other end. It is a very cost-effective way to double your list.

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