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Studying with LCI… What your studies will involve

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Institute courses are developed to maximise your learning experience. Your course is self paced and extremely flexible in the range. This means you can easily fit your studies around your lifestyle, allowing you to accelerate through your course or progress at a moderate pace. Regardless of how fast you choose to progress with your studies, you will have the full academic and administrative support of your Local Student Fulfilment Centre.

As one of Australia’s leading Life Coaching training providers you are assured that your course curriculum is of world leading standard and will equip you with the knowledge and skills you require to practice as a professional Life Coach.

The Institute’s academic team is there to assist you with your studies from enrolment to graduation. The comprehensive academic support systems have been designed to make your studies as enjoyable and enriching as possible. Some of the support services you will enjoy include:

  1. Access to local Student Fulfilment Centres and specialist support in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth and assessment supervisors in Hobart, Darwin, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast.
  2. Cleverly written, purposefully designed and easy to understand learning materials that include individual workbooks, unique industry specific coaching case studies, practitioner tools and worksheets and fully referenced and categorised books of readings that represent over 55 leading coaching texts.
  3. A dedicated national Study Assistance Hotline that puts you in direct contact with a team of accredited Coaching Advisers who are on hand Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm (EST) to support and guide you on your way to the successful completion of your coaching qualification.
  4. A comprehensive and easy to navigate virtual campus on the web gives you the option to submit assessment via e-mail, access practical workshop timetables for each state, contact your coaching advisers to ask a question and network with other students through the community forum.
  5. Weekly FREE Tele-Classes allow you to be part of an interactive study group which focuses on particular units of the course. Each week you can listen in and interact with your accredited coaching advisor and fellow students as you learn how to apply the knowledge, skills and coaching expertise presented within the course.
  6. There is also a series of required 2 day Skills Workshops that allow you to apply, practice and refine your newly formed coaching skills under the guidance and expertise of an experienced Life Coach. These workshops are conducted in a class room setting with a small group of fellow students. Your confidence will grow as well as your skills and coaching know-how as you move through each training session.
  7. You can also elect to be a part of an active student network where you can communicate via phone or e-mail with other local students and become part of an active study group or form a study partnership with someone you connect with.

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An event worth checking out…

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Attend 5 Days Of Premium Mental Health Professional Development Training, Direct To Your PC…
…At The Biggest Collaborative Mental Health Summit Ever Held, Where You’ll Get Access To Over 620-Hours Training…

…And Help Raise $30,000.00 For The Kids Helpline Charity.

This is the headline of one of the most innovative - and possibly largest - mental health events ever held in Australia.

The Mental Health Super Summit is a collaborative project involving over 50 professionals in mental health, information technology and education, and several private and public organisations including leading industry associations and training providers.

The 5-day event is hosted by the Australia’s leading provider of mental health professional development (Counselling Academy) in collaboration with the Australian Counselling Association and the Kids Helpline Charity. The event is held from Monday 23rd to Friday 27th of February.

All workshops and educational resources are delivered using Web 2.0 technology over an Internet (web) based platform, and each of the five days has a topical theme with a range of video workshops and supporting educational resources. The themes are:

Day 1: Self Harm, Depression and Suicide
Day 2: Alcohol and Drugs
Day 3: Therapies in action, Diagnosis and Psychopharmacology
Day 4: Family and Relationships
Day 5: Children and Adolescents

Who is involved?

Over 35 speakers and professionals have donated their time to produce workshops and offer valuable content to participants. Collaborators include psychiatrists, psychologists, nurses, counsellors, community workers, IT professionals and others.

Who gets the event’s proceedings?

All event proceedings will be donated to the Kids Helpline Charity (the Summit is aiming to raise over $30,000). Kids Helpline is Australia’s only free, confidential and anonymous, 24-hour telephone and online counselling service specifically for young people aged between 5 and 25.

What will registration give you access to?

  • Over 35 video workshops
  • Real-time online chat with leading professionals in the field
  • Downloadable resources (eBooks, Reports, Articles, eCourses, etc)
  • 30-days unlimited free access to the largest online PD provider in the country
  • Plus much more

It’s an event worth checking out!

For more information, visit

Live It!

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